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Dr. Birdella Hall-Walker

Dr. Birdella is multi-talented. She is a Licensed and Ordained Minister, a Psalmist, Conference Speaker, President and Founder of God's Honorable Women-Women of Ministry, an anointed  Minister of  the Word, and Christian Ed Teacher. She owns Deyla's Florals by Design,  and bakes Deyla's Famous Butter Whipped Sweet Potato Pies.

She  hosts the 'Early Risers' Prayer Line every morning; Monday - Friday from 6-6:30 am.

Anyone can call in for prayer at 206-279-9255 code 2254#

She is the President and Founder of The Unique  'U' School of Acting, Inc. She has been Director and  Instructor initially in Orlando, FL and now in Charlotte.

She is also a Playwright, Producer and Director of her Theatrical Plays. Her first major production was "Good Seed - Bad Seed"  Orlando, FL.

She has written and Directed additional Theatrical Plays in Charlotte, NC. 'These Shoes Don't Fit'  and 'Dividing Lines, (She  wrote and sung the theme songs to Dividing Lines)  'Wilted Love, and A Circle of Love/Abuse. The DVD and CD are available for sale for these productions!

As an Author, she is the writer of her first Novel: 'Manhattan's Secret' and the Sequel, 'Manhattan's Secret: The Edge of Death'.  They are on sale online at, and

She held Book  Signings in Charlotte, NC, Orlando, FL, Joliet/Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI!

Birdella is writing three new Novels simultaneously: 'The Bench' , 'Un' Conditional' and "From Hell's Fire to Heaven's Grace'.

She  graduated with two Bachelor's in 
Christian Education and Theology in June, 2018 from PTP School of Christian Education.

She received her Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities from Cornerstone Christian University in Orlando, FL on June 2, 2019.

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