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A fast moving Drama/Suspense Play.


The Play centers around two young teenagers: Gregory Santos and Marcus Johnson who makes a foolish decision ending in a tragedy and the loss of two lives.


Gregory's decision to flirt with danger leads him on a collision course of destruction.  He is intrigued with the excitement of the streets and drawn by the powers of crime.  His rebellious nature pulls him deeper and deeper into this world of darkness.


The influence Gregory has over his god-brother, Marcus, causes him to pull away from his Christian beliefs and the foundation laid in his home.

Neither Gregory nor Marcus have been in trouble with the law before, yet their days are numbered as they continued to allow the streets to govern their lives. 


His struggle to be a good kid ended with his choice to sneak out of the house at night while his mother is at work, leaving his responsibility of baby-sitting his younger sister.


Marcus now begins his journey into his unknown world of excitement and danger as the taste of alcohol and drugs whet his palate.


The foolishness decision, of Gregory and Marcus results in the lives of two people being killed and the Johnson and Santos families torn apart.


One of the mothers finds the strength and faith to cope with her loss as she comes to the aid of the other family also suffering from this loss. 

Nothing will bring the life of their son back home, however, they can now live with the hope of rebuilding their marriage.

This Theatrical Production is under the Director of The Unique U School of Acting - Ms Deyla Walkker