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Ms. Deyla (Birdella Hall-Walker) is Founder and President of "The Unique U" School of Acting, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was born and raised in Chicago, IL.  She trained in Modeling receiving her Certificate in professional modeling at The Lady Elaine School of Fashion Arts in Chicago.  She later moved to Hollywood, CA  and began her training for Television, Commercial and Films under the direction of Caroline Leonetti Ltd. where she received her Certificate of Completion and obtain an Agent.   She also attended Los Angeles Community College training in Theatrical Arts.  She was in one class with the actor Laurence Fishburne, and met other actors such as Telly Savalas, on set and Diana Ross at the Hairdresser.  She also attended a private party with Bill Bixby who played the role of The Incredible Hulk.

Birdella moved back to Chicage after her mother became terminally ill and no longer pursued any talents for a few years as she grieved this great loss. 

Meeting her husband, she moved to Lakeland, Fl. and began to pursue the ministry, but yet not feeling fulfilled: her gift for acting sprung up inside of her again.

She worked as Instructor with another Acting School and later formed her own.

As Director and Instructor of "The Unique U School of Acting, Ms. Deyla teaches Acting classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advance students.  Her classes entails a wide range of  training for the student to learn the techniques of acting in the fields of Theatre, Commercials and Film.

Students are professionally trained in the knowledge of the Business of Acting as they advance to the different levels of training. Each class is ten weeks (one day a week) in length, ranging from developing self-esteem and self-discipline to learning Stage Direction, Monologues,Cold Read, Role Playing and more.  Progressing to the Advance Stage, the student learn how to write Scripts, Improvisations and Commercials, learning the business of acting and how to attend an Audition. The student graduates with a Certificate of Completion.  Once the student graduates from the Advance statues, he or she becomes an honorary student of the School. This student is permitted to attend any classes they feel necessary to strengthen their skills.


Birdella also has her own Reality Show called 'Sabella'.

This is a Comedy Show centered around her highly emotional attitude. She lives in what she calls an upscale Hollyhood and believes that she is better than most people.

Not acquainted with the church, she has come into the church during the time of their Relaunch and thinks she is the President.

These Shows are full of laughter with many undercurrents of truth.  You can only sit back and enjoy!

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