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Manhattan’s Secret and the Sequel:

Manhattan's Secret -The Edge of Death

 by Birdella Hall-Walker



About the Books 

Manhattan's Secret
Manhattan's Secret II
The Edge of Death

 Manhattan Secret

This captivating romance novel ventures into cheating and suspense, as Manhattan’s Secret pries open the events of a wealthy business in New York City.


Edward Clark Ellington and Clarissa Marie Benton were best friends since elementary school. Their friendship turns into love, even though Eddy wouldn’t stop having his secret affairs. The couple marries, and after college, they start their dream business together in the heart of Manhattan. Eddy is the perfect husband and father, but behind this perfect facade, Eddy conceals a dark, ugly secret.After 17 years of marriage, their lives begin to spin out of control. What secret is Eddy carrying that will turn their wonderful, rich, and successful world upside down? Manhattan’s Secret cranks up the heat and keeps it hot!

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About the Author:

Manhattan's Secret: Soft Cover - 6x9 - 244 pages - $15.95


ISBN: 978-1-60911-520-3

ISBN / SKU: 1-60911-520-1

Manhattan's Secret

- The Edge of Death

ISBN 978-1-68181-656-2


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Manhattan's Secret - The Edge of Death

 The  Sequel to Manhattan's Secret.

The life of the Ellington's as they once knew it was over.  Edward Clark Ellington is in prison.  His wife, Clarissa, now runs the Ellington Empire, and their daughter, Marilynn, has been court ordered to attend an all-girls private school in a small town in England.

Living with the awful truth about Edward, Clarissa has regained her strength.  She  is now the CEO and sole proprietor of the Ellington International Corporation.

 Her Assistant and dearest friend, Sarah King will continue to grow powerfully in her position with the company and is now enjoying her personal life.

The twists and turns of Marilynn's life have brought her to an abrupt realization of the raw truth about her father.  She plans to take matters into her own hands.  Nothing is going to stand in the way of her quest to find her father and be with him.  Her objective is to free him from the lies that landed him in prison.  Marilynn's journey will not end until she succeeds. 

However, the bitter truth slaps her hard in the face, sending her into a whirlwind of decision making.  

In order to succeed, Marilynn has to obtain a new identity. She will have to sit directly across from her father  without his knowledge of  who she is.  

Her many attempts at suicide will now be reversed as the death she wanted for herself, she is now bequeathing to him.

Her hope of this one and only visit to prison will cause him to understand the pain she suffered while living on The Edge of Death.

Birdella Hall-Walker, a twin, was born in Lockport, IL and grew up in a family of 19 children.  She has been writing stories, poems, and short plays since she was 12.

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