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The purpose and goal of ZEN Inc is to empower the lives of people of all ages by helping then to become present with the mind, body and spirit and learn how it works as one unit to become an effective individual.  By doing this, balance is produced.  Through this new found revelation, creativity is brought to life and individuals will be able to move and live in wholeness.


ZEN Inc consists of five entities.  The mission is applied within every entity.  


ZEN Institute School of Dance: An institution for dance education.


ZEN Fitness Inc: Fitness training for men and women involving Pilates, Yoga, resistance training, cardio workouts, and meal plans with weight loss goal program.


Zenistry Dance Ensemble: A professional performing dance company.


ZEN Therapy Inc: Therapeutic sessions for healing of the psyche/psychological diseases, body/physical disabilities and spirit/emotional needs.  The art of visual arts, dance (movement), and music is used to aid in the process of therapy.


ZEN Cares Inc: A care-giving agency for seniors and disabled individuals.